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Glass Awards | Glass trophies | Acrylic glass

Our glass trophies have a clear and modern feel to them, as a result of their material composition, striking shapes, and cut. We utilize heavy, crystal clear or tinted acrylic glass with outstanding quality. We also offer combinations of acrylic glass panels with metal mountings, metal embossing and engraved signs.

Our noble glass trophies are something truly exceptional. The combination of classic cup-accessories like marble bases, emblazoned bases, or column bases, with headpieces out of acrylic glass, truly catch the eye.

The first-class finish and the quality of the surfaces truly highlight the value of these trophies. Acrylic Awards and Acrylic trophies are high-quality awards. We are manufacturer and wholesaler of acrylic awards and acrylic trophies, we can also supply large quantities.