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Whether sports prize, anniversary, company party, wedding, birthday or any other event, mostly you need individual and personal awards. We refine our products on request using various techniques according to your requirements.

Get your trophy refined with an engraving, or refine a glass trophy with the picture of your loved ones.

Engraving, laser engraving, UV direct printing and sublimation printing can be used to transform a large part of our assortment into a personal highlight.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to our possibilities and the corresponding options.

Laser Engraving Ideal for text and logos, the No. 1 choice for glass, acrylic glass and engraved signs.

Laser engraving is the ideal method to refine 99% of our glass and acrylic glass trophies.
This method is also a cost-effective way to produce large quantities of engraved signs.

A black and white graphic, ideally a vector graphic in CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator format is required as a template.

You are in need of help with the creation of the template? Our customer-service is ready to assist you with designing.

Sublimation Printing Ideally suitable for a selected range of targas, emblems, beer mugs, cups and a variety of gift items.

Radiant colors on a variety of items from our assortment. Sublimation printing is a process, in which heat transfer is used to transfer the print into the surface of the item permanently. This process is used among many other suitable items especially for the high-quality refinement of medals.

In sublimation printing you can display any kind of graphics, which also can be outputted by a conventional inkjet printer.

Usually the data doesn´t require any special requirements except a suitable resolution (300 PPI). However, please avoid formats such as Word or PowerPoint. These are not suitable for creating printable graphics.

Foil Plot Ideal for the finishing of medals.

Mainly, the foil plot is used in the area of medal finishing. Colored motifs can be printed on foil, contour-cutted and thus inexpensive, especially for large quantities for the individualization of medals.

Basically, we are offering foil emblems for the refinement of our medals in 5cm and 2.5 cm diameter. If you have special requirements, please ask for an offer. We can produce stickers in any shapes and sizes.


Mechanical Engraving Ideal for finishing metal and tin engraving plates, also body engraving on aluminum cups.

Conventional engraving offers the possibility to produce texts on metal engraving plates that are not suitable for laser engraving - or to produce small quantities of engraving plates at low cost.

This procedure is also used for body engraving of aluminum cups.